The Waldron Photograph Company is best described as a two-fold: myself – Rusty Wright – and my counterpart, Stephen Shireman.

To field a commonly-asked question, Waldron is the small town smack dab in the middle of Arkansas where my grandmother was raised. Growing up hearing story upon story about her tiny corner of the world made it somewhat enchanted to me; it showed me just how much power a story could contain.

It's our belief that this very idea of story is central and perhaps paramount in documenting the day a couple gets married. And even further, we'd argue that our lives are undoubtedly composed by hinged-together stories: the moments we share with the folks we consider near and dear.

Our task in working with you is to not only create a standalone stack of pictures for you, but rather a story that serves as a connection to many fond memories, for years and years to come, shared by you and your near and dear ones. Our goal is not to contrive moments or tell you what your wedding needs to look like for our sake; it's to come into the process looking for the dynamics that make you, your family, and your wedding – even your marriage – unique. We don't tire of that, and we don't take the task lightly.

Thank you, truly, for considering us of such capacity to document one of the more enjoyable and important times of your life. We can't wait to talk more with you about your own story.

Rusty Wright, proprietor & photographer




No two couples are the same, no two weddings are the same, and no dollar figure has ever come between us and the folks with whom we're meant to work. Thus, we offer collections that are customizable from the ground up; a process that starts with a candid conversation between us. To start that conversation, just use the email form above.


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