A Kansas City Based Portrait and Wedding Photography Studio


Thank you, truly, for considering me to document such a monumental time in your life.


It’s my opinion that good photographs require trust, and while that primarily translates into me understanding what makes you tick, we’ve got to start somewhere... so I’ll go first.

I’m Rusty, and that picture up there is of me, my wife Lizzie, our son Linden, and our pup Huck. I’ve photographed weddings throughout the States over the past ten years, which I began doing after graduating college and working in marketing for a handful of years. My favorite thing about pictures is the way their meaning and value changes over time... how your kids and their kids will receive and interpret your photos is far more a motivator to me than solely the here-and-now.

The goal of these next few scrolls is to show you a few of my engagement and wedding photographs, talk about expectations, and introduce you to my investment options. And feel free to email, call, or text anytime – after all, this is about your story, and I can’t wait to hear it.



I’m wildly passionate about my work, and I’m dedicated to being the biggest advocate for you and for your vision and your hopes. I make it a point to bring a creative blank slate to each wedding (read: I ain’t shrinking you into no box), yet I also bring along ten years of experience to the whole process (read: I’ve seen it, and I consider myself a seasoned vet at being able to navigate just about any weather-related or family-related shenanigans). I utilize a clever balance of playing fly-on-the-wall, but I’ll also roll in like your bossy aunt during family portraits. And the whole thing from now until the finish line – it’s going to be really dang enjoyable. Remarkable even. (Search anywhere – you’ll find rants and raves and five-star reviews across the board)

So cinnamon rolls and coffee? Beers and pretzels (with cheese, duh)? High-fives and hugs? Plan on all of that, alongside of an exceptional stack of photographs.



money always makes for a somewhat tricky conversation. The 100% truth is that a dollar figure has never come between ME and the folks with whom I’M meant to work. If you’re on a tight budget, or are interested in something you don’t see here, LET’S TALK.

With that being said...

AFTER CELEBRATING ALONGSIDE COUPLES for quite some time NOW, I’VE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT NO SET OF COLLECTIONS OR PRICING OPTIONS IS GOING TO FIT ACROSS THE BOARD. BECAUSE OF THAT, I HANDLE EVERYTHING ON AN A-LA-CARTE BASIS. in other words, PICK WHAT YOU LIKE FROM the MENU OF MOVING PIECES below to best fit your plans and your budget (and, rest easy – most folks don’t tack down the amount of time or coverage they need from me until later in the game... eight weeks or so prior to wedding day in most cases.)



HOURLY day-of COVERAGE* — $400

second day-of photographer — $500

engagement portraits — $400

rehearsal evening coverage — $750

blancbooth (read more below) — $650



* Eight or more hours of day-of coverage booked also gets you a 10% savings across the board.

All wedding agreements include printing rights to your hand-edited, high-resolution images hosted in an online gallery and mailed to you within six weeks of wedding day.

You can take the prices you see here to the bank. Sales tax is included, where applicable, and there are no other hidden costs to be found.


For destinations outside of northeastern Kansas and northwestern Missouri, I simply ask that my travel-related costs are covered. This can be a situation where I book all of my own travel pieces, provide receipts, and ask for reimbursement, or it can be a situation where you handle such bookings (gotta' capitalize on those travelers' points!) This is typically a fairly simple conversation to determine rough estimates for such, and is oftentimes less costly than you might think.



Our no-frills approach to photoboothing. We bring the lights and camera — you bring the action.


We created our Blancbooth in response to the need for a simple, personality-focused photo booth. We start with a seamless plain-white backdrop, add some great lighting, and leave the rest to the character of your friends and family.

We start this whole conversation by determining how such a deal would best fit into your wedding day, both logistically and with respect to timing. On wedding day, my associate photographer focuses solely on Blancbooth setup and operations to ensure no hiccups. While we don’t provide photostrips or prints on site, we turn around downloadable digital files of all these portraits and upload them to your online gallery within one week of wedding day. Then, the full set is delivered via USB, in high resolution, together with the rest of your photographs, for you to make prints as you wish.

We’ve seen these portraits used for everything from family Christmas cards to blackmail.

Nice and simple. We ask for an additional commission of $650, which is all-inclusive.




real-life feedback from past couples can be found a few different places on the web:

The Knot Wedding Wire Facebook


visit my faqS section right here, and let me know if any further conversation could be beneficial.



Nice and easy. To book a date, I just ask for a signed contract and a $700 deposit, all of which can be taken care of online. Typically, folks aren’t quite sure at this point exactly what their wedding day will look like, and what my time therewith will look like, and that’s a-okay; we’d leave that portion of our contract open-ended for now and shore up details as they converge.