Nate & Laura // A Celebration in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

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Nate and Laura, together, are the embodiment of amiability. Midwestern charm put together with New York cool. It's somewhat unreasonable, actually, yet altogether sensible why two people of such character would happen to bump into one another, decide to make a life with one another, and then bring together all of their friends and family in such an enjoyable weekend.

And, being that New York has just recently become one of my favorite cities on the planet, I was beyond honored to both make these pictures for them and spend a bit of time in their little corner of the world.

Ceremony & Reception: The Boathouse in Prospect Park

John & Alex // A Kansas City Elopement

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One could reasonably inquire, "There's a lot of fluff out there in wedding world... what's absolutely necessary for a wedding?" To which I respond – in tandem with this set of pictures – by saying, "Not much... maybe a friend, your dog if you so choose, an officiant and some greenery?" 

John & Alex threw caution to the wind and did away with a lot of the traditional wedding pieces in lieu of heading to Liberty Memorial on a Monday afternoon, making things official, and then setting out for a few portraits with a good friend and their dog in tow. I was lucky enough to not only document said activities but be a legal witness, and the entire afternoon was just delightful.